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Why Leadership?


To progress in your chosen career or vocation, you need more than just your technical skills and subject-matter expertise.  You need to project self-confidence and market your abilities, you need to work with all types of personalities in the office, you need to understand and navigate the system and you need to be able to take on challenging assignments. 

When I interview candidates for positions paying $100,000 and above, technical skills carry less than 20% weightage.  We look for exceptional abilities in customer focus, managing self, stakeholders, time and conflict and other soft-skills.  Our belief is that it is easy to train people in technical skills at much later stages of their career.  It is more difficult to build soft-skills into someone after bringing them on-board.

Even established everyday leaders continue to develop their non-technical skills such as communications, understanding people and listening.

This is not easy, considering that we are in an ever-changing and highly competitive environment.  No school curriculum equips you for such challenges.  Of course, you can learn it over time, usually a decade or more.

Just imagine if, at a very early stage in your career, you had access to articles, stories, interviews and tips on how to manage not only your own self, but also those around you.  You could have a huge, unfair advantage over the competition and excel in your chosen vocation.

The Kay Leadership Development framework is designed to develop leadership, self-confidence and people engagement skills in you, just as you enter the workforce.  Within a span of a year or less (note: a year is miniscule compared to a life-time career span) you will not only understand all that it takes to lead people and teams, but also have some effective and proven techniques at your disposal to hone your leadership skills.  All this will make you very effective in leading teams and your own self and position you for success.

The Kay Leadership Development framework is proven and will make a profound impact on your personality. Whether you start an entrepreneurship, embark on getting an advanced degree, organize a potluck, plan a golf-trip or simply take up an assignment at work, these learnings will position you for success! 

You will experience a high-level of confidence as you take on bigger challenges. 

Come, sign up to Kay Leadership Academy and start building your leadership skills.

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