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12 Jul

Ten ways to convert your hobby into a career

  In the previous three posts, we progressed from thinking about hobby as a career, to the possibility of going from hobby to career, to considering 8 aspects of a hobby before it can become...

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28 Jun

From writing passion to career – self-development

In continuing with our series on going from passion to career, I have just the person to describe firsthand how this is done.  I have great pleasure in introducing my friend, Merry Farmer, a published...

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14 Jun

From hobby to passion to career – 7 examples

  Following up on the last post on going from hobby to career, my friend Beth-Ann commented on the need to bridge the gap between hobby and passion.  This bridge is necessary before one can...

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31 May

From hobby to career – 8 things to think about

  In “hobby as a mainstream career”, the thought of having a hobby as a mainstream career was initiated.  With two examples, I promoted the concept of entertaining the thought. The next step is to...

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17 May

Hobby as a mainstream career

  One of my earlier posts, “How to prepare for a Solid Career in a Dynamic Environment” elicited numerous discussions.  As I read and thought more on this interesting topic, the one topic that keeps...

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03 May

Advanced leadership qualities – Acceptance of facts

Over the past few days, I had the pleasure of reading interviews of two highly accomplished and successful individuals and leaders in their own right.  While both interviews had an ample sprinkling of tips for...

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19 Apr

Sending powerful and influential leadership messages

    It is possible for leaders to send out high potential, powerful and influential leadership messages without much fanfare.  In an earlier post, I had written about how one can alter someone else’s actions...

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05 Apr

Six Activities that develop effective leadership qualities

    The best way to learn is by doing and one can develop effective leadership qualities by taking on certain activities.  Activities that need you to step out of your comfort zone, work with...

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08 Mar

Effective Leadership Skills – Make or buy decision

  As a leader you will be constantly confronted with the “make or buy” decision.  Unknowingly, you may have set up certain conditions in your mind as you made this decision in the past.  The...

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22 Feb

Effective leadership qualities – leadership self-regulation

  This post marks the culmination of the first year of Kay Leadership Academy.  On this occasion, I thought of publishing an interview with Trishit Banerjee, a budding “young” leader.  All of 16 years, Trishit...