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15 Feb

Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella’s leadership style revealed

  You will never get a second chance to make a first impression!     MicroSoft has appointed its third CEO in about 37 years.  Satya Nadella took over from Steve Ballmer on February 4,...

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09 Feb

How to successfully build and deliver an election speech

    An election speech is a very valuable, important and powerful communication tool.  All other things being equal, a stirring election speech has the power to shift a large section of the electorate in...

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01 Feb

Four Advanced tips to ensure successful campaigns

    Is there a framework to ensure successful campaigns?  One of my cricket mates, who was newly appointed captain of the league team some years ago, approached me for a tip on how to...

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18 Jan

Personal Development Framework – based on business framework

For an effective personal development framework, one can just take what works for successful corporations.  Similar to competitive advantage and performance management, what works well for a business also works wells for individuals. Just as...

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04 Jan

Setting Effective Annual Objectives

    The start of a New Year brings on an additional desired task, that of setting effective annual objectives also known as New Year resolutions. According to the University of Scranton, of the 45%...

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21 Dec

Identifying top quality players in your team

Every leader looks for that match-winner that she can count on to deliver in all tricky situations.  All the leaders I have come across have one or few such top quality players in their teams. ...

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07 Dec

Lack of confidence as a leadership deterrent

    Continuing with the responses to our survey analysis, lack of confidence is another big factor that was pointed out as a deterrent to someone taking up challenging leadership initiatives.   Lack of confidence...

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23 Nov

Fear of Failure – while taking on leadership initiatives

    In our survey analysis, fear of failure came across as the biggest factor in deterring someone from taking up challenging initiatives as a leader.   Generally people tend to settle down into a...

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09 Nov

Orchestrating a turnaround culture change

In an earlier post on the topic of orchestrating a turnaround culture change, I described the situation at a bank where I worked in 1995.  The story continues in this second part. During the first...

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02 Nov

Leading turnaround culture change – My personal experience

  Every so often you will draw the short straw and get an unenviable assignment where you would need to orchestrate a turnaround culture change.  The department or the team would be in shambles.  Nothing...