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23 Nov

Fear of Failure – while taking on leadership initiatives

    In our survey analysis, fear of failure came across as the biggest factor in deterring someone from taking up challenging initiatives as a leader.   Generally people tend to settle down into a...

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02 Nov

Leading turnaround culture change – My personal experience

  Every so often you will draw the short straw and get an unenviable assignment where you would need to orchestrate a turnaround culture change.  The department or the team would be in shambles.  Nothing...

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26 Oct

Leading cultural change

  In leading cultural change, understanding people within the team and outside of the team is of high importance.  The effective leader has to segregate her team and those around her into at least three...

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19 Oct

5 steps for a leader to bring about organizational change

  This post continues with leadership and how to bring about organizational change.  Last week’s story dwelt on introducing a small change in the team or the environment, leading to a leadership quick-win.  Such a...

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05 Oct

Leading by Example

  Leading by example is one leadership quality that has different views.  In today’s world of equality for all, this quality has reduced relevance.  In the earlier days of emperors and kings, and rigid hierarchy...

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28 Sep

How to develop inspirational leadership qualities

  Continuing with our leadership survey results, inspirational leadership qualities is another key aspect of effective leaders.  I remember playing in the second division of a league a few years ago.  We were a first...

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21 Sep

Building Leadership Courage

  From our survey analysis last week, it became evident that building leadership courage and confidence is a very important activity to become an effective leader, or at least to be recognized as one. Courage...

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31 Aug

Building leadership credibility

  Credibility is the quality of being believable and worthy of trust ( As an effective leader you want to be credible and seen as someone who can be trusted.  Here are some thoughts on...

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10 Aug

12 Valuable Business Leadership Lessons from Narayana Murthy

  The best way to train oneself to become an effective leader is to follow an effective leader.  One of the most successful entrepreneurs and a truly acclaimed leader has written such a heartfelt and...

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03 Aug

12 effective tips for training managers to become leaders

    Most leaders are good managers, but the converse is not always true.  Some very efficient managers fail in bridging the gap towards becoming effective leaders.  While charisma, looks and a magnetic personality play...