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27 Jul

Effective conflict management course

      As an effective leader, one of the demands on you will be to manage conflicts.  Conflicts can arise (sometimes even erupt) within teams, between departments and even within your own self -...

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20 Jul

Ten tips to manage your time better

    In “Effective Time Management” we saw the four dimensions through which to look at time management. This post lays out ten ways in which you can really manage your time better and build...

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13 Jul

Effective Time Management

  Effective leaders manage time exceedingly well.  Time is a highly perishable commodity with some unique properties.  It perishes at a constant rate, each person is allocated the same amount of time and there is...

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06 Jul

Effective leadership qualities: Recognition

    One of the primary roles a leader plays is in inspiring and motivating team members.  Some of the intangible things that motivate team members are:   a.      Feeling good about what they do...

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29 Jun

The 10000 hour rule for measuring effort

  For effective self-development, two concepts stand out.  The first is over-preparation as a key to extreme success.  And the second is appropriate quantification for measuring your efforts: since only what can be measured, can...

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22 Jun

The MVP you must have in your team

  Every successful team has a star personality that lifts the team simply by making an appearance. Whether you are a team member or a team leader, every now and then you should take a...

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12 Jun

How to build your 100-day plan

    Once in a while you will draw the short straw and get an unenviable assignment.  The department, assignment or the team would be in shambles.  Nothing will seem right and you will feel...

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08 Jun

Effective leadership – building loyalty

    I have often wondered what breeds loyalty?  Affiliation to political parties, supporting your local sports team, playing for the same club year after year, working for the same company, loyalty to the same...

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05 Jun

Nurturing Innate Talent

  Very often we hear about someone having great potential, gifted abilities, highly talented, future star, etc.  Are such natural abilities by themselves, enough to take the person to the top in that field?  Or...

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01 Jun

8 steps to clinically executing personal development objectives

Have you ever had problems with executing personal development objectives, only to give it up soon after?  If you answered no, then I’d love to hear your tips in the comments below this post.  If...