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30 May

How to prepare for a solid career in a dynamic environment

  At a recent prize distribution ceremony for a math competition, I had the privilege of speaking on leadership.  In addressing the audience on the topic of leadership and how people engagement skills must be...

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30 May

How to prepare for a solid career in a dynamic environment – II

  In part I, we saw the need to creatively and strategically identify your career path.  In this post we will look at some of the skills that will become useful in the next decade...

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25 May

Ten ways to make a solid first impression

    Effective leaders follow a certain template whenever they take on a new assignment or lead a new team.   I have witnessed firsthand some very successful leaders and found a pattern in how they...

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21 May

Overcoming Setbacks

  As you go through life and your career, every once in a while you will encounter some setbacks.  They could set you back in your personal life, career, business and even health.  Some are...

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18 May

Listening with impact – II

  In Part 1 of “listening with impact” we saw two examples of how listening helps in gaining respect from people. In this part let’s start with the excellent interview by McKinsey with the CEO of...

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14 May

Listening with Impact

  Listening, both active and empathetic listening are important tools for effective leadership.  Practicing and making listening a habit provides huge benefits, not limited to the following: a.      It leaves a lasting impression on the...

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11 May

Strategically Improving Performance

  Effective leaders understand competition and the art of using competition in strategically improving performance.  The big difference between the performance and results of government-run companies when compared to their counterparts in the private sector...

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07 May

Building your Value System

    Effective leaders have their own personal branding, their value system.  In this article I’d like to breakdown this concept into a few components:  understanding what a value system is, why it is important...

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04 May

Twelve mantras that will transform your leadership mindset

    Effective leaders have certain decisiveness about them.  They are measured but solid and very assured.  While a few may have been born with some gifted attributes, the vast majority worked on their personality....

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01 May

Effective Leadership Development Framework – Grooming Future Leaders

  Leaders are more effective when they are allowed to run the show, without distraction.  The feeling of ownership, control, responsibility and accountability for high-quality performance comes when they know that the buck stops with...