Artificial Intelligence in 2025

  Over the past few weeks, I came across a few articles, all on the topic of the speed of development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what it could mean to us. The first one is from techcrunch and it provides some compelling charts along with some predictions. Specifically, at some point in the near future, a $1000 computer will have the processing power of ALL humans on earth collectively!  AI is growing faster and faster at an exponential rate.  Once this massive computing power...

Becoming Irreplaceable

  “I am irreplaceable”. I heard this statement when I watched a clipping of Priyanka Chopra’s interview with TIME magazine.  “PC” is an Indian movie star, a former Miss World (year 2000) and plays the lead role in Quantico. A few other statements and thoughts from the interview stayed with me.  Here is a female actress who has not only carved a niche for herself, but constantly works on her self-development, and more importantly, knows where she is going. “I don’t’ want to be stereotyped”...

Aiming for Transformational Success

  In an earlier post I mentioned the importance of “seeing around the corner” and also how to accomplish that. But simply seeing round the corner, and understanding the next big thing is not enough. You need to keep working on three other things to be able to capture maximum value out of the future environment. If you don’t do this, you may still be able to incrementally improve upon what you are currently doing, and maybe even manage to stay afloat. But you will...

Transformational Success

It is the year-end and then the beginning of a fresh New Year.  So how can I not talk about planning and goal-setting for the New Year? However, this time we will take a long-term view. A year = 12 months = 4 quarters. A year is a good time to review the plans and goals that you set 12 months ago. You should build 4 check-points during the year.  One per quarter. This is when you can check your progress against the goals.  If...

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05 Sep

The value of speed

  One of the cultural differences between the likes of Google, Amazon, McKinsey, etc. and corporations (such as manufacturing companies) is SPEED.  The value of speed in your own personal quality and in a corporation's culture cannot...

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23 Aug

Building Trust – a core leadership quality

    Last week I read a post on the “speed of trust” and it got me thinking.  The author, Stephen M.R. Covey (different from Stephen R. Covey of the “7 habits of highly successful...

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24 Nov

Using Anchoring as an Effective Negotiation technique

    Anchoring or focalism is a cognitive bias that describes the common human tendency to rely too heavily on the first piece of information offered (the "anchor") when making decisions. During decision making, anchoring occurs when individuals use an initial...

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20 Sep

Effective self-development – Stepping out of your comfort zone

  For effective self-development and for realizing your full potential, you must develop the habit of stepping out of your comfort zone.   When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone,...

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23 Aug

Extreme Self-Motivation to Achieve your Goal

  The other day I was watching “Koun banega crorepati” (KBC), the 2014 season Hindi edition of “Who wants to be a millionaire”.  With viewership well into the tens of millions, the biggest draw is...

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09 Aug

How to get a favorable decision for your proposal – every time

  Over the past few years I have been closely observing the habits of highly effective executives and how they manage to get a favorable decision for their proposal, every time.  You may call it...