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23 Aug

Extreme Self-Motivation to Achieve your Goal

  The other day I was watching “Koun banega crorepati” (KBC), the 2014 season Hindi edition of “Who wants to be a millionaire”.  With viewership well into the tens of millions, the biggest draw is...

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17 May

Hobby as a mainstream career

  One of my earlier posts, “How to prepare for a Solid Career in a Dynamic Environment” elicited numerous discussions.  As I read and thought more on this interesting topic, the one topic that keeps...

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19 Apr

Sending powerful and influential leadership messages

    It is possible for leaders to send out high potential, powerful and influential leadership messages without much fanfare.  In an earlier post, I had written about how one can alter someone else’s actions...

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09 Nov

Orchestrating a turnaround culture change

In an earlier post on the topic of orchestrating a turnaround culture change, I described the situation at a bank where I worked in 1995.  The story continues in this second part. During the first...

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02 Nov

Leading turnaround culture change – My personal experience

  Every so often you will draw the short straw and get an unenviable assignment where you would need to orchestrate a turnaround culture change.  The department or the team would be in shambles.  Nothing...

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12 Oct

Leadership and culture change – securing quick-wins

  In continuing with our series on leading by example, I’d like to relate a story on leadership and culture change.  This is the story of how an effective leader took charge and secured a...

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28 Sep

How to develop inspirational leadership qualities

  Continuing with our leadership survey results, inspirational leadership qualities is another key aspect of effective leaders.  I remember playing in the second division of a league a few years ago.  We were a first...

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21 Sep

Building Leadership Courage

  From our survey analysis last week, it became evident that building leadership courage and confidence is a very important activity to become an effective leader, or at least to be recognized as one. Courage...

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07 Sep

Leadership Credibility Story – 5 examples

    In “Building Leadership Credibility” we saw ten tips on building credibility.  This post is an attempt in highlighting some of those tips with an appropriate leadership credibility story.   Leadership Credibility Story 1...

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12 Jun

How to build your 100-day plan

    Once in a while you will draw the short straw and get an unenviable assignment.  The department, assignment or the team would be in shambles.  Nothing will seem right and you will feel...