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08 Jun

Effective leadership – building loyalty

    I have often wondered what breeds loyalty?  Affiliation to political parties, supporting your local sports team, playing for the same club year after year, working for the same company, loyalty to the same...

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25 May

Ten ways to make a solid first impression

    Effective leaders follow a certain template whenever they take on a new assignment or lead a new team.   I have witnessed firsthand some very successful leaders and found a pattern in how they...

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21 May

Overcoming Setbacks

  As you go through life and your career, every once in a while you will encounter some setbacks.  They could set you back in your personal life, career, business and even health.  Some are...

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18 May

Listening with impact – II

  In Part 1 of “listening with impact” we saw two examples of how listening helps in gaining respect from people. In this part let’s start with the excellent interview by McKinsey with the CEO of...

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14 May

Listening with Impact

  Listening, both active and empathetic listening are important tools for effective leadership.  Practicing and making listening a habit provides huge benefits, not limited to the following: a.      It leaves a lasting impression on the...

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27 Apr

Influencing others’ behavior – the Pygmalion Effect

  The Pygmalion Effect comes from a branch of psychology, called Positive Psychology and essentially deals with expectation laid upon people.  The concept can be used in influencing others’ behavior by changing your own. In...

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24 Apr

Influencing others’ behavior by changing yours

    A very important “collaborative” skillset to have is to ensure successful outcomes when you engage with people.   Effective leaders are skilled at influencing others’ behavior by changing their own.  This skill can be...

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09 Apr

Perfection and Ambiguity – 2

   In part 1 of this story, we read about an exemplary decision taken by Virginia Herold, of the California Board of Pharmacy.  We continue with our analysis of the decision.     Our analysis...

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09 Apr

Perfection and Ambiguity-1

  A key distinguishing skill of a leader is making decisions.  Especially when clear, complete and valuable information is not available.  More so, when your decision affects a large number of people or stakeholders.  Even...

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06 Apr

Measure, Control and Improve

  What cannot be measured cannot be controlled.  When you measure, you can control.  When you can control, you can improve.   Andrew Carnegie:   One evening as the sun was setting and the workers...