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10 Mar

One Amongst The Team

  An effective leader should not see herself as different or special from the team she leads. Being part of the team, staying together or being treated the same brings great loyalty from the team....

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06 Mar

Overpreparation – The One Skill That Can Ensure “Extreme Success!”

  When I was 13 or 14 years old, I very badly wanted to make it to the local cricket team as a pitcher. The one thing I learned was that the team needed a...

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04 Mar

Building Lasting Relationships

  A few weeks ago, on my way back home from New York, I happened to stop at the home of one of my friends from 1998.  This friend and I had worked together for...

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17 Feb

Getting The Right Things Done Right!

  Let me tell you the story of the packing division of a cement packing plant. It consists of ten packing lines, each one staffed with about 20 union workers and their job is to...