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08 Mar

Effective Leadership Skills – Make or buy decision

  As a leader you will be constantly confronted with the “make or buy” decision.  Unknowingly, you may have set up certain conditions in your mind as you made this decision in the past.  The...

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09 Feb

How to successfully build and deliver an election speech

    An election speech is a very valuable, important and powerful communication tool.  All other things being equal, a stirring election speech has the power to shift a large section of the electorate in...

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18 Jan

Personal Development Framework – based on business framework

For an effective personal development framework, one can just take what works for successful corporations.  Similar to competitive advantage and performance management, what works well for a business also works wells for individuals. Just as...

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04 Jan

Setting Effective Annual Objectives

    The start of a New Year brings on an additional desired task, that of setting effective annual objectives also known as New Year resolutions. According to the University of Scranton, of the 45%...

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07 Dec

Lack of confidence as a leadership deterrent

    Continuing with the responses to our survey analysis, lack of confidence is another big factor that was pointed out as a deterrent to someone taking up challenging leadership initiatives.   Lack of confidence...

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12 Oct

Leadership and culture change – securing quick-wins

  In continuing with our series on leading by example, I’d like to relate a story on leadership and culture change.  This is the story of how an effective leader took charge and secured a...

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21 Sep

Building Leadership Courage

  From our survey analysis last week, it became evident that building leadership courage and confidence is a very important activity to become an effective leader, or at least to be recognized as one. Courage...

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03 Aug

12 effective tips for training managers to become leaders

    Most leaders are good managers, but the converse is not always true.  Some very efficient managers fail in bridging the gap towards becoming effective leaders.  While charisma, looks and a magnetic personality play...

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27 Jul

Effective conflict management course

      As an effective leader, one of the demands on you will be to manage conflicts.  Conflicts can arise (sometimes even erupt) within teams, between departments and even within your own self -...

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20 Jul

Ten tips to manage your time better

    In “Effective Time Management” we saw the four dimensions through which to look at time management. This post lays out ten ways in which you can really manage your time better and build...