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07 May

Building your Value System

    Effective leaders have their own personal branding, their value system.  In this article I’d like to breakdown this concept into a few components:  understanding what a value system is, why it is important...

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27 Apr

Influencing others’ behavior – the Pygmalion Effect

  The Pygmalion Effect comes from a branch of psychology, called Positive Psychology and essentially deals with expectation laid upon people.  The concept can be used in influencing others’ behavior by changing your own. In...

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19 Apr

Leadership Qualities – Communication – Emailing with Impact

  Emails are a very fast, cheap and universally accepted mode of communication.  As you work with and lead teams you will find yourself using emails more and more.  Writing professional, effective and impactful emails...

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17 Apr

Effective Leadership Qualities – Measuring Yourself

    There are no standardized tests to measure others’ perception of your behavior, personality and people engagement skills.  Unfortunately, it is their perception that dictates how people will engage with you.  Measuring yourself or...

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12 Apr

How to become really effective – manage the important tasks!

  Effective leaders must be able to manage their tasks and time efficiently.  Not only should they plan their tasks well ahead of time, they should also be able to select the right tasks and...

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05 Apr

How to better manage Procrastination

  Most of us have practiced the great art of procrastination at some time or the other.  I used to be an expert.  I would always check out the late fees first before finding out...

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03 Apr

Assembling Effective Teams – Clarity of Roles

  To be an effective leader, you need to have complete clarity of roles for each of your team members in achieving the team objective. A well-knit team is like a string-quartet. Each one plays...

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03 Apr

Becoming an Indispensable Team Member

  Most leaders are also good team members. One way of developing leadership qualities is to become a good team member when you are following other leaders. To quote Benjamin Franklin: "He that cannot obey,...

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03 Apr

Getting organized through checklists

    An effective leader is an organized person.  Being organized is a “development” skill that can be practiced and honed.  One of the best developmental activities is getting organized through checklists. Definition: According to...

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03 Apr

How to practice self discipline

Self-discipline is one hallmark of effective leaders.  To become an effective everyday leader you must practice self discipline and be seen as a disciplined person.  Discipline is defined as a set of systematic instructions to...