Reframe the situation

Many times we are faced with a situation that seems to stay static forever.  It does not provide any new opportunities, feels impossible to change, leads to frustration and presents a deadlock. We see this in our career (lack of growth opportunities), sports (of shorter duration, but with no breakthrough in sight) and even in the news. In this post I will show you a few ways to think differently and reframe the situation in your mind.  This re-framing will then force you to think...

The Power of the Unexpected

  There is a store in New York City called LittleMissMatched. This store took off on the idea of mismatched socks.  Socks are always meant to be a pair, worn one on each foot, and they should match.  This is the EXPECTED norm. Its founders Arielle, Jason and Jonah went “against the grain” and created a $5 million idea, just by being unexpected. Now they sell mismatched earphones, flip flops, gloves, and even a bike and helmet.   The other day I was watching the...

Last minute change of direction – Avoid at all costs

Many times I have experienced firsthand, a brilliant move by a team member that causes a last minute change of direction. I have seen this many times in different initiatives to distinctly note this as human tendency, almost to a pattern. In this post I am referring to initiatives where a team is executing a group exercise following a well-communicated plan. This is not to confuse with individual exercises such as a last minute decision by a driver to swerve left or right to avoid...

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10 Nov

Leadership and self-development – effective negotiation techniques

  I admit that negotiating a better deal for my own self is not my strong-point.  I do understand the power of good negotiation and how you can leverage that skill to build solid business...

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20 Oct

How to lead teams without authority

    Very often as a leader, you are dependent on others to deliver results to you.  Your other initiatives depend on these results.  How do you motivate or drive people that do not directly...

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06 Oct

21 tips for more effective email communication

    A large portion of my communication takes place via email.  Over a period of time I have built certain guidelines to conduct effective email communication.  For the foreseeable future, email will remain the...

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06 Sep

How Effective Leaders guide, support or decide on a proposal

  In continuing with the post on “how to get a favorable decision for your proposal – every time”, I want to present the view from the opposite side of the table in this post. ...

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28 Jun

From writing passion to career – self-development

In continuing with our series on going from passion to career, I have just the person to describe firsthand how this is done.  I have great pleasure in introducing my friend, Merry Farmer, a published...

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03 May

Advanced leadership qualities – Acceptance of facts

Over the past few days, I had the pleasure of reading interviews of two highly accomplished and successful individuals and leaders in their own right.  While both interviews had an ample sprinkling of tips for...