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30 May

How to prepare for a solid career in a dynamic environment – II

  In part I, we saw the need to creatively and strategically identify your career path.  In this post we will look at some of the skills that will become useful in the next decade...

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28 Apr

Developing effective leadership qualities through sports

    Younger leaders can effectively develop leadership qualities through sports.  Spending time learning, practicing and then executing your skills in a team game against a committed opposition helps build effective leadership qualities in oneself. I have...

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19 Apr

Leadership Qualities – Communication – Emailing with Impact

  Emails are a very fast, cheap and universally accepted mode of communication.  As you work with and lead teams you will find yourself using emails more and more.  Writing professional, effective and impactful emails...

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14 Apr

Effective Leadership Qualities – Overpreparation

    It is my great pleasure to bring you this insightful discussion with Karan Verma.  Very recently, Karan joined Amazon’s strategy group breasting the tape ahead of a lot of very smart and tough...

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03 Apr

Becoming an Indispensable Team Member

  Most leaders are also good team members. One way of developing leadership qualities is to become a good team member when you are following other leaders. To quote Benjamin Franklin: "He that cannot obey,...

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03 Apr

How to practice self discipline

Self-discipline is one hallmark of effective leaders.  To become an effective everyday leader you must practice self discipline and be seen as a disciplined person.  Discipline is defined as a set of systematic instructions to...

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10 Mar

How To Eat An Elephant

  Have you ever sat and stared at a task for hours or even days, not knowing where to begin?  Whether it is reading a big book, tacking a project, a painting project at home...

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09 Mar

When You Accomplish Something Once…..

    You develop a sense of confidence.  Knowing that something was accomplished gives you an idea of surety, a feeling of authority.  This is in total contrast to either someone who has not done...

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06 Mar

Overpreparation – The One Skill That Can Ensure “Extreme Success!”

  When I was 13 or 14 years old, I very badly wanted to make it to the local cricket team as a pitcher. The one thing I learned was that the team needed a...

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16 Feb


  Effective leaders read.  They read a lot.  If you aspire to become a leader, you should start reading….. a lot.  And I want you to develop what I call “deep reading”. Let me first...